There are many moments in our lives where we have been spectators – whether it be watching rugby or football from the stands, a musical or seeing friends overcome challenges and achieve success. We either loudly cheered them on from the sidelines or silently urged them onto success.

We are all an integral part of the Cranbrook community of spectators. Active participants in our community, watching the students and the School realise their full potential. What is important is that we watch what happens before us and how it unfolds. And most importantly, who is beside us as it happens.

Your support and your gifts allow and encourage our students to become active participants in the world around them. They transform the Cranbrook landscape, creating an environment that allows our students to become innovative, adaptive, and inspired.

You have seen the difference in a team when the crowd of spectators collectively chants, it spurs them on. Allow your gifts do the same for our boys and the School, “take your seat” and join the chorus of Cranbrook supporters.

The “Take Your Seat” Appeal, supporting both scholarships for students as well as our recent Masterplan 2 building works, allows you to support Cranbrook in a way that is meaningful to you.

Make your gift today to either the:

Your gift to the Cranbrook Building Fund, ensures that you will be inextricably linked with the many special moments that will occur within these amazing new facilities. Your gift of $10,000 will allow us to honour you and your family for many generations and can be made as a one-off donation or as a pledge over five years.

You will have the opportunity to choose where you would like your plaque to be placed within the seating area around the Olympic swimming pool, Packer Theatre and Basketball Courts.

All donations to the Cranbrook Building Fund are 100% tax deductible.